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    Tornado Cleaner = Cleaning Power+ Applicable to Aspherical surface and 3D shape

    Our tornado cleaner is a dry cleaner that draws particles from the surface of an object by floating them in a whirlwind with nozzle torque.

    Tornado cleaner consists of spin nozzle, dust collecting hood, ionizer, and dust collector and it can remove non-adhesive foreign substances.

    This product has the advantage of being able to maximize the cleaning power even at a low pressure. As a dust collecting hood is adopted to effectively breathe scattering dust as a result of air usage, the collecting power is excellent, compared to other products, enough to make clean process possible, Tornado cleaner is available not only in plane but also in aspherical surface and 3D shape while conventional dry cleaners apply only to object planes. It can be used in the processes that are difficult for conventional dry cleaners to apply to and that could not be handled efficiently.


    - Non Contact Type Cleaning System
    - Foreign substances to be removed from the air by multiple tornadoes
    - Not only foreign substances on flat surface but also on irregular sides can be removed

    - Responsive to various substrate models
    - High-efficiency air nozzle
    - Ease of operation
    - Compact look with profile structure
      typeConventional Type (Other brand) Tornado Cleaner
    Conceptual view
    Cleaning capability depending on the size of foreign substance Particles bigger than 20~50㎛ Particles bigger than 5~10㎛
    Facility characteristics - Air injection to remove foreign substances
    Strong collecting power is required due to possible air leakage thru a gap in the dust collecting chamber.
    - Jet Nozzle may cause a dead zone (i.e. blind spot) after a conditional brush cleaning
    Maximized cleaning power through multiple whirlwinds.
    - Not only for a flat surface structure but also for a 3-dimentional projected structure
    - Even assembled parts or structures can be cleaned

    ◈Hurricane Cleaner Conceptual View

    ◈Technical Specifications
    No. Item Specification
    1 Application

    Glass/PCB Assembly/Plastic/Molded parts/Sandwich-Panel/Tray washing/Before Painting/BLU Assembly
    Other 3D shapes


    Effective width of cleaning (㎜)

    100 ~ 2,000㎜
    3 Dimension (cleaning effective width+84㎜)×190㎜×200㎜
    4 Nozzle type

    Swiveling nozzle





    Main Body

    Profile structure

    7 Optional Dust collector/Utility Parts/control system

    ◈ Tornado Cleaner Outskirts Size

    ◈Cleaning Power Test

      POP lower plate FILM BLU Assembly
    Before foreign substances injection
    foreign substances injection Removal Test of foreign substances clung to BLU Assembly
    After cleaning
    Test Conditions and Results Foreign Substances Types : Glass dust
    Air pressure : 1.0㎏/㎠
    Height : 8.0㎜
    Result : No residual foreign substances
    ※ Lower plate glass of printed and baked PDP
    Foreign Substances Types : Copper chip
    Air pressure : 2.5㎏/㎠
    Height : 8.0㎜
    Result : No residual foreign substances
    Foreign Substances Types : Dust
    Air pressure : 3.0㎏/㎠
    Height : 16㎜
    Result :Foreign substance can be removed even from assembled parts and structures.