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    Hurricane Cleaner = Prevention of secondary pollution + Prevention of electrostatic

    Our Hurricane Cleaner is a brush type cleaner that can remove non-adhesive foreign substances. It is comprised of a dust collector and a cleaner head with brush, air knife, and ionizer.

    Conventional brush type dry cleaners were usually contaminated with foreign substances attached to the brush's surface during prolonged use.
    However, we attach an air knife for brush cleaning to ensure consistent cleaning quality during prolonged use.
    Conventional brush type dry cleaners tend to get static electricity produced by friction during operation.
    So we adopted an ionizer exclusive for brush to prevent and remove electrostatic.
    In addition, an additional ionizer has been installed in the cleaner front to remove electrostatic from the board.


    - Contact Type Cleaning System
    - Foreign substances removed using a brush
    - Weak adhesive as well as Non-adhesive foreign substances can be removed.

    - Dedicated Nozzle for Brush Cleaning only
    - Brush RPM Control System
    - Easy height adjustment and brush replacement
    - Compact look with profile structure
      typeConventional Type (Other brand) Hurricane Cleaner
    Conceptual view
    substancesCleaning capability depending on the size of foreign substance Particles bigger than 20~50㎛ moreParticles bigger than 10~15㎛
    Ionizer quantity 2 (1: Pollutant, 1: Brush) 2 (1: Pollutant, 1: Brush)
    Dust collecting chamber structure Slit(Gap:6㎜)+Inverted triangle type Slit(Gap:15㎜)+Streamline type
    Facility characteristics conditionJet Nozzle may cause a dead zone (i.e. blind spot) after a conditional brush cleaning.
    Unfit installation position of nozzle may cause foreign substances to fall on the cleaning zone.
    Limited dust collection due to a narrow Chamber Gap
    Air Knife ensures no dead zone (i.e. blind spot) after brush cleaning.
    Changed nozzle position prevents foreign substances from falling on the cleaning zone.
    TheoryDust collection through increased Chamber Gap and Airfoil Theory

    ◈Hurricane Cleaner Conceptual View

    ◈Technical Specifications
    No. Item Specification
    1 Application

    Bobbin/LED Lamp Trim Process/Belt Conveyor/Before Steel Winding or Zinc Galvanizing/Printed Circuit Board/ Glass Fiber Material/Furniture, etc.


    Effective width of cleaning (㎜)

    75/150/255/305/455/610/760/910/1060/1220/1370 (Custom-made cleaner available on demand)
    3 Dimensionc (cleaning effective width+92㎜)×267㎜×168㎜
    4 Brush diameter


    5 Brush RPM

    0 ~ 400rpm

    6 Brush height

    ± 6㎜ adjustable





    Nozzle type

    High-efficiency air knife

    9 Optional Dust collector/Utility Parts/control system

    ◈ Hurricane Cleaner Outskirts Size

    ◈Cleaning Power Test

      Steel LED lamp Bobbin
    Before foreign substances injection
    foreign substances injection Removal Test of foreign substances pressed and stuck in the bobbin in use
    After cleaning
    Test Conditions and Results Foreign Substances Types : Fe
    Overlap: 1㎜
    Brush RPM: 200
    Result: No residual foreign substances
    Foreign Substances Types : Aluminum
    Overlap: 1㎜
    Brush RPM: 200
    Result : No residual foreign substances
    * Adhesive foreign substance test
    Foreign Substances Types :Mixed foreign substance
    Brush RPM: 200
    Overlap: 1㎜
    Result : substancesCan remove most foreign substances except the ones stuck fast on the bobbin.