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    Air Blade = Dust collecting power + Stability of result + Efficiency of process

    Our Air Blade Dry Cleaner is the dry cleaner that pulls the particles out of the object and draws in. It is designed to remove non-adhesive foreign substances from the work process. The system consists of an air knife, a dust collecting hood, and an ionizer.

    May conventional dry cleaners use a direct air injection into the glass surface.

    This can cause the injection force to go into the injection plane, resulting in product stability issues.

    However, our air blade ensures excellent stability achieved through simultaneous cleaning, using the air flow and the vacuum power by the air flow between the object and the cleaner.

    High efficiency air knives are fitted to reduce the amount of air used to improve the work efficiency, and they are able to produce high quality products by forming uniform pressures in front of air knife.

    In addition, it improves the dust collecting efficiency problem by aligning the air injection direction with the dust collecting hood direction.


    - Non Contact Type Cleaning System
    - Maximized cleaning effect by using high speed air and the vacuum power formed between the object and the cleaner
    - Increased dust collecting performance by aligning the direction of air injection with the direction of dust collection.
    - It helps to yield high quality products by forming uniform pressures in front of air knife.

    - Lower air usage with high-efficiency air knives
    - Convenient air knife height and angle adjustment
    - Compact look with profile structure - Electrostatic
    - free through an Ionizer mounted in it.

    Conventional Type (other brands) Air Blade Cleaner
    Conceptual view
    Cleaning capability depending on the size of foreign substance Particles bigger than 20 ~ 50㎛ Particles bigger than 10 ~ 15㎛
    Features - Debris removal by air spray method
    Because some air currents are exposed through the dust chamber gap, secondary contamination occurs.
    Dead zone occurs with jet nozzle
    Debris removal by vacuum+air method
    The cleaning force is doubled by matching the direction of air spray and the direction of dust collection
    Equipped with knife with excellent spray uniformity, uniform cleaning power is ensured.

    ◈Air Blade Cleaner Conceptual View

    ◈Technical Specifications
    No. Item Specification
    1 Application

    Glass/Film/Print M/C Before Mass Production/Laminating/After Cutting Process/After Injection Molding Process/Before Steel Winding & Plating Process/Furniture, etc.


    Effective width of cleaning (㎜)

    (Custom-made cleaner available on demand)
    3 Dimensions (Cleaning effective width +116㎜)×245㎜×132㎜
    4 Nozzle height

    0~5㎜ adjustable

    5 Nozzle type

    Air Knife

    6 Nozzle angle

    0 to 90 degree with an goniometer attached





    Main body

    Profile structure

    9 Option Dust collector/Utility Parts/Control system

    ◈ Air Blade Cleaner Outskirts Size

    ◈Cleaning Power Test

      Light Guide Panel Glass Steel
    Before foreign substances injection
    foreign substances injection
    After Cleaning
    Test Conditions and Results Foreign Substances Types : Plastic
    Air pressure : 5㎏/㎠
    Height : 1.5㎜
    Result : No residual foreign substances
    Foreign Substances Types : Glass dust
    Air pressure : 5㎏/㎠
    Height : 1.5㎜
    Result : Very little amount of residue tinier than 10㎛
    Foreign Substances Types : Thread
    Air pressure : 5㎏/㎠
    Height : 1.5㎜
    Result : No residual foreign substances